Dental News

Dental health isn’t just essential to humans; it is also vital to animals too, but how do animals keep their teeth clean? This blog post will explain some of the ways animals maintain their dental health.

  1. First of all an animal’s diet isn’t as processed as a humans so they have to bite and chew their food a lot, which all helps in the action of effectively cleaning an animal’s teeth and eradicating small bits of food so it doesn’t become trapped.

In addition, pets don’t get fed sweet foods so they tend to have better dental health than humans.

Wild animals will all have different ways of cleaning their teeth. Some tend to chew on sticks or similar, which will help to promote good dental health, while the elephant will chew on bark to help keep its teeth healthy, and other animals rely on chewing grass to keep their teeth in good condition.

  1. Some vets recommend giving pets vegetables such as carrots, or fruits like slices of apple to chew on to help clean the teeth, however, before feeding fruits and vegetables to your pet, it is a good idea to talk with a vet first in case this type of diet isn’t suitable for them.
  2. It is sometimes suggested to invest in a small, hard toothbrush that has been especially designed for cleaning an animal’s teeth, but this can be challenge, and cats will often object to this.
  3. Vets will often carry out professional dental cleanings to help promote good oral health in a domestic pet. The session will include an oral examination to check on the state of the animals teeth. If gum disease is found then efforts will be made to treat this, and vets will also carry out a professional scaling to reduce the built up tartar from your pet’s teeth.