Dentures (Partial and Complete)

Deciding to extract all of your teeth and replacing them with dentures is a very big decision. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of having this done. It is important for you and your dentist to decide together whether it makes more sense to save as many teeth as possible or extract them all. When a patient decides to have all their teeth removed, a denture is made ahead of time so that the patient will have teeth inserted at the time of extractions.

A denturist is specially trained to make dentures and dentures only. At Summerlea Dental we send all of our denture patients to have their dentures made by a denture specialist. We handle the consult, x-rays and any work that needs to be done to the teeth including extractions.

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You can have full dentures (like the ones presented in this picture) or you can have partials.

If you are interested in dentures whether partial or complete, here are the steps to take:

Step One: Consult at Summerlea Dental

This is the most important step. At this appointment you will have an x-ray taken of all your teeth and Dr. Jomha will help you assess the condition of your teeth. Depending on your teeth you will have 1 to 3 options: Restore teeth, remove some teeth and partial denture, remove all teeth and complete denture. Dr. Jomha is happy to answer all your questions and concerns at this appointment. If you are saving teeth and require fillings and or a cleaning we recommend having this done before step 2.

Step Two: Impressions with Denturist

The next appointment is with the denturist. We work closely with a denture clinic but you are free to choose the denturist of your choice. This is the initial impression that is taken – as a starting point for the denturist to begin the fabrication of the dentures. A bite registration is also taken to help align the top and bottom teeth together. At this point no teeth have been removed yet.

Step Three: Surgery at Summerlea Dental

At this appointment the old teeth are all extracted and the patient is given their new dentures to wear the same visit. To extract the teeth all areas are frozen with local anesthetic first. There are multiple advantages to having the dentures placed immediately after surgery:

  • The patient gets to leave the office with teeth!
  • The denture acts as a “band-aid” and helps control bleeding
  • The denture helps the tissue heal and mould to the shape of the denture.

After this appointment the denturist are to be worn 24 hours a day until you visit with the denturist. You can only take our your dentures for about a minute to rinse your mouth and then they must go back in immediately. This is because your tissue is swollen from surgery and it make not go back in comfortably if left out too long.

Step four: Denture Fit and Adjustment With Denturist

The denturist wants to see you after your surgery to adjust and possibly reline the denture. This is usually 1-3 days after your surgery appointment but may vary depending on each case. After the teeth are removed the bone/gums will start to shrink back. The denture will become loose. Sometimes you need a reline shortly after surgery but most times it is delayed to allow further healing.

Step five: Surgery Post-op Checkup at Dental Clinic

We always like to see our patient 1-2 weeks after their surgery date. At this appointment we assess healing, remove any sutures that have not dissolved on their own. Sometimes a patient may have bone chips poking through gum; these are removed at this appointment under topical anaesthetic.