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Dental Implants

A view of how dental implants are used.

Q. What are the steps involved?

  1. Planning and CT scan to accurately measure bone availability.
  2. Surgical placement of implant. Wait 2-4 months for implant to heal.
  3. Preparation of gum tissue and fabrication of the crown. (May be done at future date if patient wants to wait)

Q. Are implants expensive?

Implants are more affordable than ever. Although initial cost is more expensive than a 3-unit bridge, there is a significant savings in the long term since implants usually last a lifetime.

3 Unit Bridge


  • slightly less expensive
  • restores chewing function
  • acceptable esthetics


  • grinding down of healthy teeth
  • bone resorption causes a gap between tooth and gum over time.
  • limited life span (70% success over 10 years)

Single-Tooth Implant


  • preserves healthy teeth – no grinding of adjacent teeth required
  • implant will preserve bone integrity over time
  • better esthetics
  • long term success – often for life (>98% success of implant over 10 years)


  • slightly higher cost than a bridge