Regular Checkups, Cleaning, and Your First Visit

First, welcome (back) to Summerlea.  If this is your first visit, we recommend a check up and cleaning. Your appointment will consist of three stages: 1) check-in, 2) meet our hygienist, and 3) meet the doctor.

Checkups and Cleaning for New Patients

Dr. Taha Jomha goes over the results of a dental examination with a patient.

  • Check-in. We will gather your information including your medical history. This is either done on a computer using our exclusive Fast Check-In, or manually on a paper form.
  • Meet our hygienist. A hygienist will assess your gingival and periodontal health and make an assessment for your personalized maintenance needs. She will also take xrays if necessary. The bulk of your appointment is spent cleaning (scaling) your teeth followed by polish and fluoride.
  • Meet the doctor. Dr. Taha Jomha will then perform a detailed oral exam. This consists of a soft tissue exam including cancer screening. Next your dentition (teeth) will be assessed. Your first appointment will be extended to answer all of your questions so do not feel rushed. Dr. Jomha will take as much time as you need to discuss your dental health. Your visit may also include impressions (models) and intra oral pictures.

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