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Questions to Ask a Dentist

Dr. Taha Jomha looking inside someone’s mouth at Summerlea Dental in Edmonton.

Here are some questions we get asked a lot.  If your question is not here, please call, text or email us and we would be happy to answer it.


How can I find out about my insurance?

We recommend that you download our Insurance Breakdown questionnaire  You can call your insurance company or HR department and ask these questions.  They will give you (the patient) more information then they will give us.  You may also read and sign our Insurance Consent form ahead of time if you wish.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes we accept all dental insurance plans.  This includes employee benefits, social services, personal plans, and NHIB (IA).

Do you direct bill my dental insurance?

We can direct bill all insurance companies except self-directed plans (rare).  With most claims we can submit via the internet and have a response immediately.  We only charge you up front for your portion.  Example, if you have 80% coverage and your total bill is $250, you would be responsible for $50 at the time of your appointment.  We collect the remaining amount from the insurance.

I have 100% coverage, my previous dentist still charged me?

In Alberta there are no set fee guides.  Our fees are average for Dentists in Alberta.  Almost all 100% plans we see pay what we charge (meaning: your insurance will likely cover the entire cost).  There are a few exceptions, some insurance companies will advertise 100% but they may be using a fee that was from 10 years ago, or say that “a filling is only to cost X dollars,” for example. If you are unsure or concerned about a balance please provide us with your insurance information and we can confirm this.

Booking Appointments

How can I book an appointment? 

We are very accessible!  You can call us at 780-487-5808, text us at 780-666-4585 or email us at mail@summerleadental.com to request an appointment. Book online!

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  This does not apply in the case of emergencies where 48 hours notice could not be given.  We have this policy before we respect your appointment time and do not double book treatment with the doctor.  If you cancel short notice we can not fill the appointment then the doctor and staff are sitting around with nothing to do!  If you provide us with at least 48 hours notice it provides us with enough time to fill the spot.

I am a new patient, what should I book my first appointment for?

Most people start with a check up and cleaning appointment.  This is a gooding starting point. If you are in pain or have an abscess or infection it is best to book for an emergency appointment first.  Please be specific when booking your appointment so that we can book you ample time to address your concerns.

I have a lot of things I want to discuss with the dentist, will there be time to address my concerns and questions?

If you have any concerns or questions that you wish to discuss with the dentist please inform our staff so that you enough time is booked to discuss your concerns.  Dr. Jomha does not like to rush patients and wants everyone to feel like they can ask as many questions as they want.  Some patient exams take 5 minutes and others can take an hour!  If you give us an idea of your concerns we will make sure we book enough time so that you or Dr. Jomha do not feel rushed.


Emergency Dental Services

Do you accept emergency only patients?

It is important to maintain the overall health of your teeth and gums.  Ideally we like to see all patients every 6-12 months for a cleaning and check up.  There are many people who prefer to only see a dentist at the time of an emergency.  Although this is not recommended we are happy to service you and take care of your dental pain/problems.  At the end of the day we are here to make recommendations (Plan A, B, C, etc) but it is ultimately the patients who choose their treatment.

What do I do if I have a problem after hours?

Dr. Jomha never wants patients to feel that they are alone with their dental problems.  And sometimes patients worry and think that they are a bigger problem then they actually have   Sometimes after surgery patients need advice and post op care.  You CAN ALWAYS reach somebody.  If you email us we will get it immediately   Or you can SMS us.  And if you need to speak with Dr. Jomha directly, call the office and push ‘0’ and he is always happy to take your call.  If you are not a patient of Dr. Jomha’s we encourage that you speak with your dentist first but since many dentists do not facilitate after hours needs, Dr. Jomha is still happy to provide you with advice over the phone.


When should my child be seen by a dentist?

Short answer is 2 for a fun visit and 3 for an official first visit.  Long answer can be found here.

My child is terrified to see a dentist.  What should I do?

Children are afraid of the unknown.  We encourage that you book your child no matter the age or fear that they have.  We will do our best to create a positive experience.  For example your child may book for a cleaning but we may only end up giving them a ride in the chair, letting the hold the dental mirror and then off to pick a prize.  This may seem like a waste of time to some but it helps to build trust and confidence for the child with the dentist and the office.  100% of the time their second visit is significantly more productive.  If we force and push our little patients we usually scar them for life and they are those adults out there who are afraid of the dentist!

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