For Parents

The kids from a local daycare came into the Summerlea Dental Office one morning to experience the dental office and some of the important factors that contribute to good oral hygiene. We began by putting them in groups with leaders and travel around the office to the five different stations.

The stations we had set up were Oral Hygiene, Nutrition, Pit and Fissure, First Dental Visit, and check-up..

At the oral hygiene station we taught the kids the various brushing and flossing techniques for each age group present and the importance of making this a daily habit.

Oral Hygiene Station

Oral Hygiene Station – Here is Samiha , one of our Dental Assistants, demonstrating the different brushing techniques

Oral Hygiene station, another shot of Dental Assistant Samiha demonstrating the importance of brushing along the gumline

The nutrition station we discussed with the kids the difference between healthy and unhealthy snacking foods and ended of the station with a interactive game that involved each student to use their new knowledge in identifying the different snacks.

Nutrition Station – One of the five stations that taught the kids healthy/unhealthy snacks that contribute to their oral health.

Here the students are demonstrating their knowledge of healthy and unhealthy snacks in the nutrition station