Our team of dental professionals and administrative staff combine experience and education to provide our patients with exceptional dental care and customer service. We understand that some people may be apprehensive when coming to the dentist. That is why the warm, friendly nature of our Staff and the gentle touch of our Dental Professionals are important qualities we are proud to offer our patients. Here at Summerlea Dental we strive to ensure all of our staff members are highly trained and skilled so we can provide you with the very latest in Dental technology and the most up to date Advancements in Dental Treatment. If you have any questions about your Dental Health or would like more information about our office feel free to contact us today!


Dr. Taha Jomha BMed Sci, DDS

39Dr. Taha H Jomha (general Edmonton dentist) currently practices in Edmonton, Alberta. He entered dental school with distinction after completing 2 years of general science at the University of Alberta. He graduated from dental school in 2007. After associating for 18 months he decided to open his own dental clinic, Summerlea Dental. The vision of the clinic was to provide safe and comfortable dental care keeping up with the current standards. His office focuses primary on Family Dental Care. Dr. Jomha offers a range of dental services including fillings, root canals, dental implants (surgery and crown), wisdom teeth removal, whitening and more. Dr. Jomha continues to participate in continuing education courses to keep up with the quickly changing dental technology. Read all posts by Dr. Jomha here.

Dr. Jomha says that he is lucky because he loves his job.  He is excited about providing different treatments to patients and learning new techniques.  Dr. Jomha tries to take pictures of his procedures to use as tools for educating other patients and sharing with  colleagues.  If you are interested in learning about some of the different procedures please navigate our blog and website.

His interests include reading, computer programming, photography, running, travelling and of course spending time with his wife and 2 daughters!

You can always email Dr. Jomha directly at drjomha@summerleadental.com


Dr. Muhammed K Al-Nuaimi BMed Sci, DDS


Dr. Muhammed K Al-Nuaimi (general Edmonton dentist) is a new graduate of 2014 from the University of Alberta. He entered dental school after completing 3 years of general sciences at the University of Alberta. Dr. Al-Nuaimi is up to date with current standards of care and dental treatments. During his schooling, Dr. Al-Nuaimi did research in multiple disciplines within dentistry and presented his research at several dental conferences in both the United States and Canada. He also strives to learn more with continuing education courses and workshops. He loves gaming, travelling and spending quality time with family.

Staff photos coming soon!