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whitersmileIn the past few years, the science and art of dental sciences has been revolutionized. Cosmetic dentistry has progressed a great deal and newer techniques and armamentarium have been developed for teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved to provide us with lively, youthful and brighter smile whenever we want it. Professional teeth whitening procedures have changed the lives of people all around the globe. People who were afraid of smiling in public places are now celebrities posing for camera all day.

Teeth whitening procedures have a large number of benefits but there are also a few limitations and drawbacks observed with them as well. The major advantages are,

  • Professional teeth whitening brightens your teeth in real quick period of time and gives you a prettier, lively and confident smile,
  • Professional teeth whitening procedures are more precise due to the application by an expert dental professional in a dental office,
  • It helps in enhancing your self-esteem and makes you more energetic to work,
  • When teeth have a more lively and youthful appearance, it distracts the other person from noticing the wrinkles of skin of the face. Thus it masks your age as well,

Apart from so many advantages, teeth whitening procedures have a few limitations as well,

  • The major drawback with the teeth whitening procedures is that they make your teeth sensitive.  For most people this is temporary,
  •  Sore gums can result from the bleaching agent used to whiten the teeth,
  • Another drawback with bleaching of teeth is relapse or rebound of the treatment effects with the passage of time.

At Summerlea Dental we recommend take home whitening trays vs in office whitening.  We have found that the in-office procedure leads to more discomfort and sensitivity and almost all patients still needed to whiten at home to get the results they desired.  Click here for more information about our whitening product.