The upper left bicuspid was extracted and an implant was placed at the time of surgery. The patient presented 3 months later to have an impression made. At his appointment I uncovered the implant by making a small incision in the gum. An appropriate sized healing cap was placed on the implant. This is left to heal over a 2 week period.

Now, 2 weeks later, the patient presents for an impression. The healing cap is removed and an impression positioner is placed. Then an impression of the area is taken with a putty like material. Immediately after the impression is taken the healing cap is placed back on the implant. It is important to be quick as we do not want the tissue to collapse.

The image on the left is after the healing cap is placed for the first time. The images below were taken 2 weeks after the healing cap. The photo on the left is with the healing cap in place and the photo on the right is with the healing cap removed. No freezing was required for this visit.