Congratulations Izaya!


You are this month’s WINNER!¬†Thank you for taking great care of your teeth
and we look forward to seeing you for your next check-up.

The Cavity Free Club is for children 12 years and under who come in for check up and cleanings and have no cavities! They will receive a reward to show all of their friends and family!  They will have their name entered into our monthly draw for a special prize to say Good Job Brushing & Keep Up The Good Work!

Our monthly winner will be featured on our Facebook page and website.


What is a cavity?

Cavities are small holes that form on your teeth caused by bacteria. The bacteria is left behind from food & drinks especially those that contain high amounts of sugar. This is why it is very important to brush your teeth twice a day. If bacteria is left behind, they will start to eat away at your teeth forming little holes that are called cavities. It is very important to have cavities filled by your dentist or they will continue to grow bigger.

What can I do to prevent cavities?

There are lots of things you can do to help prevent cavities starting with a good brushing schedule at home. You should always make sure to brush your teeth two times a day, once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed. It is very important to remember not to eat or drink anything except water after you brush your teeth before bed.

Sugary Food such as Candy, Gum with Sugar, Pop and some Juices should be avoided or consumed in small doses. These foods will leave a sticky film on your teeth that will stay there unless brushed away, this is where the sugar bugs hide and if left for too long they will start to eat away at your teeth..Yikes! If you are not able to brush your teeth after consuming sugar you should at least try to rinse with water until you are able to brush.

Floss! Floss! Floss! Make sure you floss at least once a day to get rid of all the sugar bugs in between your teeth!

Drink lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables like apples, oranges and carrots your teeth will love you!

Visit your dentist regularly for check ups and cleanings. This will ensure we can catch problems before they start and we can see if you are doing a good job with your oral hygiene and make suggestions for you if you aren’t. We are also able to clean the calculus off of your teeth that normal brushing wont get rid of….the longer it stays the better chance you have of getting cavities!

How can I tell if I am cavity free?

When you come in to our office for a check up and cleaning you will first have xrays taken. These xrays are what Dr.Jomha will look at to see if you have cavities, they are especially helpful in detecting cavities in between your teeth. You will then have a cleaning done that will include scaling (if needed), polishing and at the very end, fluoride. Once your cleaning is finished, Dr.Jomha will come in to do his exam. This includes looking at your xrays, and looking inside your mouth at your teeth, gums and tongue. Once he completes his exam he will be able to tell you if you are cavity free or not!