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Many people have common questions about their wisdom teeth and we are here to answer the most common ones. Let’s take a look at the basics of wisdom teeth and hopefully answer some of your questions along the way.

The number one question that we receive is do wisdom teeth need to come out at some point in life? It really depends on each person because every person’s mouth and alignment of teeth is different. Some individuals will not need them taken out because they have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth. Others who do not have enough space will probably need them removed at some point. Not having enough space in your mouth for wisdom teeth can cause many problems, which is why they are removed.

Most people want to know what happens if they leave their wisdom teeth in when they need to be removed. Many things can happen:

  • An infection can occur, leading to pain and bone loss
  • Cysts can develop
  • Decay of other teeth is possible because the wisdom teeth make it impossible to clean
  • Crowding of teeth can happen when wisdom put too much pressure on your other teeth

So, the next question is usually when does one need to have them removed? Most of the time, the earlier the wisdom teeth are removed the easier it is. This is because the wisdom teeth have not fully developed at a younger age, and the healing process goes much more smoothly. Most also want to know if it’s painful to have their wisdom teeth removed. Because of the many advancements in dental technology it’s not nearly as painful as it used to be. Most only experience mild discomfort and swelling, but it’s well controlled when taking the right precautions.