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Here is a small list of foods that contain multiple agents responsible for tooth decay and enamel damage. If you love going to the dentist, or if you want to sabotage some poor smile model, these foods represent a perfect storm of cavity creation, ranging from obvious to less obvious and somewhat surprising:

  1. A bag of sugar mixed with Jawbreakers. I don’t feel that this one merits an explanation. I’m pretty sure you would develop diabetes before your teeth gave out.
  2. A coffee ice cream cola float with chunks of ice in it. Coffee has a staining effect on enamel, while the ice cream and cola contain insane levels of sugar, a principle culprit in tooth decay. Crunching chunks of ice is also bad for your enamel.
  3. Dried fruit. Surprising, no? Dried fruit is very sticky and high in sugar. The sugar gets stuck between the teeth and stays there for hours, feeding the mouth’s bacteria and causing enamel erosion. Even if something is healthy it can be bad for your teeth.