Teen Reading

a rite of passage is a social action or event that represents an individual’s social transition of some kind. In most cases, the transition is changing from an adolescent into an adult. In our culture, this is often expressed by turning 18 and being able to drink and… do other things.

playing pool

Like being overly serious about teaching giggling women how to play pool, and such.

However, in some cultures, a rite of passage takes different forms. Some cultures do a special dance, eat a special meal, or make them do silly or painful things. But then there is the Mentawai amazon tribe that grinds your teeth to sharp points.

vampire teeth

Nothing says adulthood like the teeth of a vampire.

Luckily for men, they only do the teeth sharpening procedure to women. Unfortunately, for women, they don’t exactly have anesthetic in the jungle. Not to mention this boosts their chances of have teeth problems and infections.

Since western culture found these people doing this, it has now become a rare occurrence. Which we are pretty sure is a good thing

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