Teen Reading
Taking the bit between your teeth might lead you into trouble. To swap trouble for fame and recognition, you only have to replace the bit with a rope. At least, that’s what Zholt Sinka from Hungary did in order to enter the Guinness Book of Records.
The rope itself would not impress the Guinness that much. That is if it were not attached to the Airbus A320! Sinka took 52 seconds to pull the biggest airplane in the world for almost 40 metres.
Sinka’s world record is so stunning that it would probably discourage any potential followers from challenging the Hungarian’s achievement. Fortunately, Guinness’ records are counted separately for different categories of vehicles. That’s why Velu Rathakrishnan from Malaysia was able to earn his own entry into the Book of Records. The Malaysian used his teeth to move a couple of commuter trains with a total weight of 260.8 tons for 4.9 meters.
Ok, so now we have a plane and train, and I know you are asking yourself, “what about a bus?” Don’t worry bus community, we’ve got you covered. Georges Christen from Luxembourg flexed his teeth on a bus with a weight of over 9 tons. Christen’s almost “symbolic” effort still earned him a title of a world record holder.
As you see, strong teeth can take you a long way towards fame and towards fulfilling at least some of your life goals. We feel that it is safe to presume that all three strongmen brush their teeth at least three times a day. Besides they must also each have a great dentist!