Teen Reading

Most of the time, when people get modifications to their teeth; they are doing it for functional and medical purposes. We are talking about things like braces and head gear, and when people do get these things, they are usually not particularly happy about it.

However, there are some teeth modifications that people do actually want, and are apparently happy to get. For example, some people like to get tattoos. Tattoos that are permanently etched right onto their teeth.

Normally people get tattoos on their skin, however, some people arn’t satisfied with just tattooing their skin. No, they want to tattoo every possible inch of their body, even if some inches happen to be eyeballs or teeth.

“I tried tattooing my brain, but it was a very dense material.”

A US dental technician known as Steve Heward is the owner of Heward Dental Lab, which has been established for over 20 years. His team are artists first, and they do permanent tooth etchings from $75.00 to $200.