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Everyone knows that rats are a nuisance in many ways. Once, they get into your house, they eat your food and leave a mess everywhere they. Plus they carry diseases and bacteria like its going out of style. Many people try to prevent their homes from being infested with rats. However, it turns out that preventing a rat from getting into your home might somewhat more challenging than you suppose.


They might look cute and innocent, but thats exactly what they want to you think.

This is the case because rats have incredibly dense teeth. So dense, in fact, that it is on par with the toughness of iron and platinum. That’s right, rats teeth are actually as strong as metal.

rat teeth

Rats can literally eat a brick for breakfast.

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That’s true, actually. Rats are extremely difficult to keep of your home. Why? Because even if you build a brand new home made out of bricks and wood, rats will chew tunnels right through bricks, wood, plaster, and softer metals.