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Sadly, we don’t have any pictures for this post. To make up for it, we guarantee that it is a hilarious story. As you may have guessed already, some dentists have a great sense of humour. In the spirit of fun and laughing, some dentists will pull the odd practical joke or two. Equipped with modern technology and all sorts of connections, one dentist pulled a prank that was slightly beyond traditional practical jokes.

One dentist, while doing some routine implants on one of his assistants, decided he was going to use a different kind of implant.


What? No he didn’t implant Lego teeth. We just thought this was a cool picture.

He and his assistant worked together and laughed together, so he assumed that she had a great sense of humour. Which she did, until her boss implanted bore tusks into her mouth instead of teeth.

He wasn’t malicious a dentist, so he took the teeth out right away while she was still unconscious. But not before taking some hilarious pictures of his half-bore half-human assistant. He must have thought he was so funny.


“Haha! Your a boar now! What a hilarious jokester I am.”

Well, a while later the assistant saw the pictures. Turns out, she didn’t have as big a funny bone as the dentist presumed. So she pressed charges. She sued her dentist boss.

The judge was very pleased with the practical joke, and later determined that it was far too humorous for her to sue the dentist, so the dentist actually won the suit.