Patient presents with a food trap between two of his teeth.  There is a cavity between the teeth.

The image of the left if from above.  We can see how food would get impacted when the patient eats.  The image on the right if from the side of the teeth to show the gap in between.





I used a section matrix called the V3 ring system by Triodent.  It is a curved matrix to help replicate the natural contour of teeth.  The ring helps separate the teeth the hold the filling material in tight.










Here are the after pictures.  This is immediately after removing the ring and matrix.  I still need to do some polishing and finishing.  Notice how the gaps have been closed from the top and side view.  I brought the patient back after a week and no more food trap!  The patients gingiva (gums) were also healthier as a result of not having food impaction.