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You would assume that brushing your teeth is a relatively easy and uncomplicated process. For the most part, it is relatively easy. However, there are a few common things that are easy to get wrong. For instance…

1) You Might Be Using the Wrong Toothbrush


What we mean by the wrong toothbrush is simply its size. If you are straining to keep your mouth open to fit an oversized toothbrush in your mouth, then you are probably using the wrong toothbrush.
Just because a toothbrush is bigger than the others doesn’t make it better at cleaning your teeth. Actually, if your toothbrush is on the smaller end of the scale, you will find it is easier to maneuver and clean each individual tooth, rather than just broad strokes over all your teeth.


2) Not Brushing Long or Often Enough


You should be brushing two to three times a day, but most people know that. You probably also know that brushing for 2-3 minutes is optimal. However, what most people don’t do is actually time themselves.

If you bought a cheap kitchen timer with a buzzer, you could easily time yourself, and make sure you are at least getting a solid 2 minutes and that you are treating your teeth to a solid cleaning.


3) Brushing Too Hard


Remember, you are not getting any more cleaning done if you are pressing hard on your teeth. Ideally, you should be brushing softly on your teeth and where the tooth meets the gum line. If you brush too angrily you can erode the tooth enamel. That’s right, you can damage your tooth if you brush too much or too hard.

Some dentists recommend getting a soft bristle toothbrush. This way, you will still get the cleaning done, but you won’t ever damage the enamel.