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Having a perfect smile is a must for Hollywood stars. Everyone expects celebrities to be perfect in every way, but in reality they are people just like you and I.


You know, except for their excessive beauty, fame and absurdly lucrative careers.

Anyway, when something happens to a celebrities teeth, they are very quick to fix the problem. Sometimes it is necessary to replace a missing tooth, and with the advances in dental care today, dental implants are the best to be the best way to do this.

  1. Remember that epic scene in The Hangover where Stu Price pulled out his tooth during a drunken stupor? Most people probably assumed there was a smoke and mirrors effect that took place for that scene. The surprising thing is that Ed Helms really did pull out his tooth for that scene. It turns out Ed Helms has had dental implants over 20 years prior to that movie. Helms suffered from congenital missing teeth (teeth that never came in). When Helms was a teen he decided to have the dental implant put in.
  2. You may remember Christie Brinkley from her presence on over 500 magazine covers beginning in the 1970’s, including Sports Illustrated. Brinkley was a victim of a helicopter crash while on a skiing trip years ago. The accident left her with two fractured molars. Brinkley decided to have dental implants put in to replace those missing teeth. Brinkley says, “I am grateful for the dental implant technology that feels and looks so natural.”
  3. Popular supermodel and designer Kathy Ireland fell from her children’s wagon during a playtime session, causing her beautiful smile to be ruined. The damage from the accident required numerous dental procedures including a dental implant. Ireland is another happy customer in the dental implant procedure list. Ireland describes the process as “pretty easy.” She even goes on to compare her trips to the dentist with spa trips.

Christie Brinkley


Kathy Ireland


Ed Helms