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The legend of the tooth fairy is actually quite an old story. It came from early Europe hundreds of years ago. However, there are even older, stranger myths about children losing their first few teeth.


1) They Protect You in the Afterlife

In early England, children were instructed to burn their baby teeth. There are a few things wrong with that sentence that we would like the point out. First of all, no child should be given the mission to burn something. They are children and they will burn everything once they learn how. Second, how exactly do you cause a tooth to combust in flames?

Anyway, apparently if you burn your baby teeth, your afterlife will be free from hardships, and you will live in eternal paradise.

baby teeth

Seems like solid logic to us.

2) Good Luck Charm

In ancient Norse culture, children’s baby teeth were said to bring good luck in battle. So Scandinavian warriors would create necklaces out of children’s teeth to benefit from the supposed good luck it brings.

We can’t help but wonder if it really was good luck, or your enemies just became creeped out and went home.


3) Baby Teeth are Used in Powerful Witch Spells

In medieval Europe, it was believed that if a witch were to get ahold of one of your teeth, you could be in serious trouble. A senior witch is apparently capable of gaining total power over you if she gets a hold of your teeth.